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Publié le 27/01/2017

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The Node.js option allows you to host your web applications using this language.

The World interface allows you to select your preffered language version.



To reset your Node.js project, go to the "Configure application" option.

Select the version of Node JS, the folder you want to use for your site and the domain to use.

You can also specify a specific path if you use multiple languages on the same site. For example, you can enable Node.JS for links only.

You can send your project Node JS FTP a result.

By default, the installer will set a base NodeJS application. You can replace it with your own no problem. However, it is mandatory to have a app.js file for the proper functioning of your site.


If you want to run npm commands or node commands in SSH, you have to go to the edit section to edit the boot command of NodeJS environment.

In SSH, run the specified command.

Once logged into SSH, you can install the packages using the command "npm install".


For NodeJS applications, it is sometimes necessary to restart the node server to apply the changes to your files.

One option for doing this is available in the "Edit" section.


When creating a NodeJS application it's possible that you come across errors. To see all error logs from your application, you can use the "Errors" option located in your cPanel account. 


When configuring a MySQL connection, please use the MySQL socket and not the port :


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